The Rossberg Company offers you more than 25 years of experience and a proven track record of creative, quality garden and landscape design and maintenance.

We have earned our reputation by planning and redesigning especially residential gardens. Based on your requirements we use our many years’ experience and our passion to create new ideas for your garden and landscape project.

Our services comprise everything from the construction of terraces, paved pathways, building stairs, planting matching greenery and installation of fence and other wooden constructions.

Both, tradition and innovation are at the core of our company.

We are proud to be the first company which introduced a new environmental technology which stems from our practical work. Since 6 years, Matthias Rossberg is constantly further developing a completely new business field based on environmental technology.

The core product is a privacy protection element with an integrated system for the production of renewable energies, heating and fresh air supply and solar power. Two small panels for fresh or heated air circulation already exist.

Since 2016 we are able to offer you our patented, complete heating walls. This wall introduces solar-heated air into the building. In an additional application, this solar-heated air is used for pre-heating air-source heat pumps. Thus you can optimize the use of conventional sources of energy. Also available is a small-sized solar module for your power supply.
Additional design elements allow you to add a personal touch. You can include into the system a waterfall element (Sky Drop), height-adjustable screens (Open Horizon) and a folding table system (Bartender).

Currently we are developing new elements which include environmental technology such as Gabion systems (Brickmax) and salt water screen elements (a timber frame filled with faggots, constantly sprinkled with salt water) (SeeBreeze)
Your garden will in future not only be a place for relaxation and well-being but will also produce renewable energy and conserve resources.

Thus we are combining our core gardening and landscaping business with modern environmental technology
For tree or building inspection we use our own air drone which provides clear and reliable photos or videos without any risks.

Trust us and rely on 25 years of experience. We would be pleased if we could plan, build and maintain your garden soon – if necessary with new environmental technology.